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13 Nov 2018 Healthy Revenue Growth Of 15.6% For ZICO Holdings Inc. For Both Q3 And 9M FY2018
13 Aug 2018 SGX-Listed ZICO Holdings Inc. Reports Q2 FY2018 Net Profit Of RM2.9 Million; Revenue Rises 11.3% To RM24.6 Million On Stronger Performance
01 Aug 2018 SGX-Catalist-Listed ZICO Holdings Inc. And Fragomen Global Form JV In Malaysia
11 May 2018 SGX-Listed ZICO Holdings' Q1 FY2018 Net Profit Rises 12.1% To RM1.6 Million Despite Higher Employee Benefit Costs Due To Expansion Of Advisory And Transaction Services; Revenue Rises 21.2%
27 Feb 2018 ZICO Holding' FY2017 Net Profit Rises 36% To RM6.9 Million, Outpacing Revenue Growth On Stronger Performance By Advisory And Transactional Services
13 Nov 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc. Achieves Revenue Growth Of 9.6% To RM19.5 Million In 3Q2017 And 19.2% To RM58.4 Million In 9M2017 Versus Comparable 2016 Periods
28 Aug 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc's Subsidiary - ZICOlaw Myanmar Ltd - Welcomes Former Deputy Minister Of Finance As Executive Chairman
11 Aug 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc.'s Net Profit Doubles To RM2.6 Million On 38% Revenue Growth In 2Q2017
15 May 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc. Achieves 10.7% Revenue Increase To RM16.7 Million In 1Q2017
09 Mar 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc.'s Subsidiary - ZICO Asset Management - Registered With The Monetary Authority Of Singapore As Fund Management Company
28 Feb 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc. Achieves 26.5% Revenue Increase To RM66.7 Million In FY2016
16 Feb 2017 ZICO Holdings Inc.'s New Subsidiary - ShakeUp - To Spearhead Online Platform For Delivery Of Technology-Enabled Professional Services
14 Nov 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc. Achieves 15.0% Revenue Increase To RM17.8 Million In 3Q2016 And 24.7% In 9M2016
08 Sep 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc.'s Subsidiary - ZICO Capital - Officially Launched
11 Aug 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc. Registers 15.7% Y-o-Y Quarterly Revenue Increase To RM16.0 Million In 2Q2016 And 31.0% Y-o-Y Half-Yearly Revenue To RM31.2 Million In H12016
10 Aug 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc.'s Subsidiary - ZICO Capital - Granted CMS License, And Approved As Accredited Issue Manager And Full Sponsor
12 May 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc. Registers 52.4% Y-o-Y Topline Growth To RM15.1 Million In 1Q2016
26 Feb 2016 ZICO Holdings Inc. Announces 47.9% Rise In Revenue To RM52.8 Million In FY2015
12 Nov 2015 Revenue Of ZICO Holdings Inc. Increases 108.1% To RM15.5 Million In 3Q2015
11 Aug 2015 ZICO Holdings Inc. Reports 20.0% Growth In Revenue To RM13.9 Million In 2Q2015

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